yarn: Long, usually incredible, story. Figurative use from “to spin a yarn” i.e. a long story. From Old English “gearn”=fiber, yarn.

year: Period of time taken for the earth to revolve once around the sun; 365 days. From Old English “gear”=year. Similar to Greek “horos.”

yesterday: The day preceding today; the previous day. From Old English “geostran dag” < “geostran”=yester + “dag”=day.

yoke: (a) Bar fastening two work animal together; (b) to tie together. From Old English “geoht”=pair of animals; verb from “geocian.”

yolk: Yellow center pat of an egg. From Old English “geoleca” < “geola”=yellow.

Yggdrasil: The Tree of the World (also called Odin’s Horse) in Norse mythology. From “Yggr”=one of the god Odin’s names + “drasill”=horse.

yule: Christmas; originally a Pagan midwinter feast from late December to early January. From Old Anglian “giuli”=December to January time.