karma: Destiny or Fate. In Buddhism, actions that determine your next incarnation. From Sanskrit “karman”=work, action.

kayak: Inuit or Eskimo boat consisting of a light wood frame covered with watertight skin. From Eskimo “qayaq”=small boat of skins.

kindle: Collection of kittens or the young of any animal. From Old English “gecynd”=type of < “cynn”=family.

kinky: Odd or eccentric; sexually odd dates from 1959. From Dutch “kink”=twist in a rope < Old Norse “kika”=bend at the knee.

kismet: Destiny or Fate. From Arabic “qismat”=fate or lot < “qasama”=he divided.

knife: Metal blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting. From Old English “cnif” < Old Norse “knifr”= knife.

koan: Zen Buddhist paradox used to stimulate thinking. From Japanese “ko”=public + “an”=matter or material for thought.

kosher: Something proper or acceptable. In Jewish mythology, sanctioned food. From Hebrew “kasher”=fit, proper, acceptable.

kudos: praise given for an achievement or the fame resulting from an achievement. From Greek “kydos”=praise/reknown.