The Word Guy

The Word Guy

By profession, I am a Speech Pathologist, with a background in Psychology and Linguistics. By choice, I am a lexophile with a passion for the English language in all its many incarnations.

I’m a freelance writer who is happy to write about any topic under the sun, or even beyond it.

I travel a fair amount so if you want me to stop off and give a presentation to a group of your friends and colleagues, drop me a line as I may be in your area.

This blog is not my “real job,” so it occupies a small part of my free time and is therefore subject to – how can I put it – outages? So keep stopping back if it gets past a week since your last fix; sometimes I really do have a life.

You can contact me as:


Sorry for the cryptic address but it cuts down on spam generated by crawlers and bots.